Rafael Nadal workout and fitness regime
Personally, We think there is more but, Rafael has mentioned a complicated periodized training schedule consisting of different preseason workouts. following more on cardio fitness during the seasons.
Along with this superior training, Nadal also has been known as a bit of genetic freak.

Spain’s top tennis star, for years a sports star at the top of the world ATP ranking, Rafael Nadal made speed, muscular strength, stamina, and balance unmistakable characteristics in his gym? The best Technogym equipment, which give him a well-round…

some others notes about Rafael Nadal are:

- If he is in the pre-season, the gym work is higher.
- During the season he prefers to play tennis.
- Flexibility routine is very important. He does this everyday.
- Stretching is also very important and to have good conditioning too.
- Clearly, getting the right rest is also very crucial.

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